Give your Foreman a greater toolbox with Plugins

Like every Foreman our well-beloved lifecycle management is only so good as its tools. Thanks to Foreman’s simple and flexible Plugin-API there are many ways to extend Foreman. Some plugins just add small things while others enable completely new workflows. The talk will showcase some plugins and explain their use case before giving some hints on Plugin development. The selection of plugins will be based on the other talks provided.


Nov 07 2019


14:45 - 15:30


  • Dirk Götz
    Dirk Götz

    Dirk Götz is working as Senior Consultant and Trainer for NETWAYS. As part of his daily work he writes concepts, implements, reviews and teaches Puppet and Foreman in many different environments. He created a training course based on Open Source Puppet for his employer and the official Foreman Training as corporate project of NETWAYS and the Foreman Project.

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