CLI tools with Foreman

Command-line is traditional environment for sysadmins and for most of them it is also the environment of choice. Scriptable interface is a key concept for automation which is getting more importance than ever before with infrastructures growing in size and complexity. Lets look together on command line tools for Foreman and possibilities for scripting Foreman related tasks.

The talk will focus on Foreman API, available auth methods, API bindings for ruby, Foreman GraphQL interface, Hammer (the command line client), and other tools. We will discuss pros and cons of various methods along with examples and possible use cases.


Nov 07 2019


14:00 - 14:45


  • Martin Bačovský
    Martin Bačovský
    Red Hat

    Martin Bačovský is a software engineer at Red Hat. He is part of Satellite/Foreman team where he focuses on command-line tools such as Hammer CLI, Foreman Maintain or installer.

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