Step-by-step algorithm for building CI/CD as an automated quality control system (EN)

CI/CD through the eyes of a tester

We all know about the importance of automatic deployment of applications to production, but do we all know how to build an automated quality control system that continuously provides feedback on the application’s state and decides whether the application is ready for production rollout in terms of quality metrics? I have prepared a step-by-step algorithm for setting up such a system on your project, with specifics for web applications. I will talk about the best quality control practices at different levels, from linters to performance testing, from underwater problems to the ideal monitoring system.


  • Alex Pshe
    Alex Pshe

    Alex is an expert in test automation and building a limitless career. Her background includes complex custom applications in banks, establishing a testing department for static analysis tools, and desktop testing of IDE for QA. She loves identifying patterns, which is why she often talks about effective ways to solve various problems. This helps people, so follow her on social media where many life hacks on career development and testing can be found.


Apr 18 2024


11:50 - 12:20