NETWAYS Event Services GmbH hosts the OpenSourceCamp | #5 Bareos, on June 19, in Nuremberg. The speaker will present a lecture at this conference. In exchange for his presentation he will attend the event free of charge. The following agreement outlines the mutual rights and obligations between NETWAYS Event Services and the speaker to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding:

Mutual agreements

The speaker will give a presentation at the conference according to the following unless otherwise agreed: The presentation is timed for a 45 minutes speech including a  5 to10 minutes question and answer session. The speaker declares his presentation meets the Open Source guidelines for submission and conduct.

In return for the presentation the speaker is offered free conference participation.

Presentation cancellation may only be made with mutual consent between the speaker and NETWAYS Event Services. By absence through illness or force majeure, the earliest possible notification is requested. By unannounced speaker absences, NETWAYS Event Services reserves the right to charge the speaker the above named conference package rate.

The speaker agrees to send his relevant final presentation abstract (brief description of content) no later than April 30, 2020 to NETWAYS Event Services so as to meet print deadlines for the final conference program.

The speaker declares that his presentation does not infringe any rights of a 3rd party (e.g. copyrights) and gives consent to being recorded at the conference in audio, visual and textual mediums. The speaker gives consent to NETWAYS Event Services to publish these recordings along with their presentation materials with clear and due reference to the author (e.g. for download on the conference website ). The right on any changes of the program is reserved.

The event may be cancelled due to not reaching the minimum number of participants two weeks prior to the event by the organiser. Further the organiser is reserving the right to cancel the event with short notice if extraordinary reasons out of his control are occurring.
In these cases, entitlement to damages excluded.

Please note that the organiser is reserving the right to exclude accepted speeches on short notice due to necessary program changes caused by unforeseen events. The related speaker will be offered a 20% discount on any chosen conference package to join the conference as a participant.