Migrating to Puppet 5, the War Story


Languages Live.. so does puppet .. infrastructure as code development is not done till your last vm has been decomisioned.
So the language evolved .. and we knew that eventually we’d need to follow also. We got stuck on Puppet 3 for a looong time… but at some point we had to flip the trigger.
Was it the right moment ? Was it to early ? Was is too late ?

This talk will document the journey of migrating a large and varying number of puppet trees to Puppet 5. It will discuss our initial strategy (automate all the things)
how we pipelined the trees. Our initial struggles.. the different stages of migrations with multiple stacks around and how to tackle running multiple production PuppetDB instances, while still trying to have a coherent view of our infrastructure . We’ll also discuss moving from Mcollective to Choria , upgrading Foreman